Fred Armisen Plans HBO Spanish Comedy Series

Comedian Fred Armisen and SNL producer Lorne Michaels are teaming for the Spanish-language half-hour comedy “Los Espookys” which has been ordered to series at HBO. The story is set in a dream world version of present-day Mexico City and follows a group of friends turning their love for horror into a peculiar business.

Bernardo Velasco plays noble, kind and gore-obsessed Renaldo who leads the “Los Espookys” team. Cassandra Ciangherotti plays the always calm dental assistant Ursula. Ana Fabrega is Ursula’s sister Tati who is the group’s often job-juggling test dummy. Julio Torres is Renaldo’s best friend Andres, a mysterious heir to a chocolate empire with a gorgeous boyfriend for a nemesis.

Armisen will portray Renaldo’s reliable valet driving uncle Tico who lives in Los Angeles. Fernando Frias helms the pilot penned by Armisen, Fabrega and Torres.

Source: The Live Feed