Frank Talks Tombstones & Next

A few years back a film adaptation of Lawrence Block’s novel “A Walk Among the Tombstones” fell apart.

At the time Harrison Ford had signed on to star, Scott Frank would pen the script, and Joe Carnahan was attached to direct. Ford backed out due to the controversial nature of the subject matter – he played an alcoholic PI searching for a the kidnappers of a drug dealer’s daughter – and the project had never recovered.

Now, out promoting “The Lookout”, Scott Frank revealed to Suicide Girls that “he hopes it gets made”, and that “it’s all about having the right cast once Harrison Ford chickened out.”

Why didn’t he do it? “I think he was concerned about the darkness in that character…He said his customers wouldn’t want to see him in something like this, to which I would argue I’m not sure he has the same customers that he once had. I think there are a lot of people who’d love to see him in this. I still would love to see him do this movie. It’s the perfect movie for him but who knows?” says Frank.

What else is he involved with? According to Slashfilm, a western which is going to be tricky to pull off, and a “midlife crisis movie set in the world of automotive design” entitled “Fourty Four.”