Frank Spotnitz Talks X-Files 3

Frank Spotnitz tells MovieWeb that despite the recent critical drubbing and box-office shortfall of “The X-Files: I Want to Believe”, the filmmakers are still keen on doing a third film in the series.

Spotnitz says the studio has not said one way or another if there will be one, but he thinks “there’s life in the franchise still. I think these are great characters… I think after the DVD comes out, the studio will decide whether they want to roll the dice on another X-Files feature.”

So what would it be about? “There’s a date that looms very important in X-Files mythology, which is December 2012. I mean, if we were to make one more feature, I think we would definitely have to deal with alien colonization. I honestly think that’s the movie that most non-hardcore X-Files fans, as well as a lot of hardcore X-Files fans are dying to see. Obviously, I think Chris has had ideas about that from the very beginning when he dreamt up this show, sixteen years ago.”

Thus would that film be the final one? “I would think so. It certainly would be designed to be the period on the sentence.”