Frank Miller’s Mutants Coming To “Gotham” S5?

Frank Millers Mutants Coming To Gotham S5

FOX’s “Gotham” is going out with a bang. The upcoming shortened fifth and final season of the “Batman” prequel series has introduced almost every major Batman villain in one way or another whilst some of the few remaining stragglers like Bane will finally appear in the new season.

In a surprise inclusion though, new set photos on social media from filming on the new season indicate that some variation on the Mutant Leader from Frank Miller’s iconic “The Dark Knight Returns” comic is going to show up.

The fourth season finale saw Gotham’s bridges destroyed, cutting off the island from the mainland and leading into the show’s take on the No Man’s Land storyline from the comics. It would appear as though the series will also incorporate the delinquent gang from the Miller comic which is set on the other end of the Batman timeline when Bruce Wayne is heading towards old age.

“Gotham” is slated to return mid-season on FOX.