Frank Coraci To Helm “Sinbad” Reboot

Frank Coraci To Helm Sinbad Reboot

Frank Coraci (“The Wedding Singer,” “The Waterboy”) is set to direct “The Legend Of Sinbad” for Millennium Entertainment and Eagle Films.

The English-language film will be based on the iconic One Thousand And One Nights character, a Middle East mariner who over the course of seven voyages across the seas east of Africa and south of Asia has spectacular adventures encountering monsters, magic and various supernatural phenomena.

The film is expected to have a cast of Middle East origin, including in the lead role. “Hellboy” reboot scribe Andrew Cosby will pen the script with Hank Woon.

Yariv Lerner, Lloyd Levin, Les Weldon and Jamal Sannan will produce. Location scouting is underway ahead of a Fall shoot.

Source: Deadline