Franco’s “Mother” Involves A Lesbian Vampire

James Franco’s upcoming remake of the iconic Lifetime telemovie “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?” is set to get even weirder. The original 1996 film starred Tori Spelling as a young woman with a dangerous and obsessive boyfriend (Ivan Sergei) and was essentially a “Fatal Attraction”-style thriller deal.

Franco’s take on the other hand is being described as a “vampire-infused lesbian romance thriller”. In this take Leila George plays theater major Leah who introduces her girlfriend Pearl (Emily Meade) to her family. Leah’s mother Julie (Tori Spelling) can’t shake the feeling something is very wrong and soon makes a startling discovery about Pearl.

Nick Eversman also stars while Ivan Sergei will also return for a cameo. Franco penned the story, produces and will appear in the telemovie which is being directed by Melanie Aitkenhead. The new ‘Mother’ is set to premiere June 18th.

Source: Variety