Franco’s “Blood Meridian” Test Reel Online

Recently James Franco directed a low-budget film adaptation of “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men’ author Cormac McCarthy’s novel “Child of God,” a book with subject matter so dark that many though it to be essentially unfilmmable.

Nearly four years ago, Franco wanted to do something even more ambitious though – direct an adaptation of McCarthy’s arguably darkest work to date – “Blood Meridian”. He was so enamoured with the idea he shot a 25-minute rough test reel of a key sequence in the story, and scored actors like Mark Pellegrino, Scott Glen, Dave Franco and Luke Perry to help him pull it off over the course of a three day shoot near Yosemite.

Now, that test reel has gone online. It’s rough and lacking polish, but it shows a scene where Tobin recounts how the Glanton gang met the Judge, a Satan-like character and Glanton’s right-hand man.