Franco, Tipton, Hardrict Have “Warm Bodies”

Analeigh Tipton, Dave Franco and Cory Hardrict are all in various stages of negotiations to join the zombie feature “Warm Bodies” at Summit Entertainment reports Variety.

Jonathan Levine (“50/50”) is writing and directing this adaptation of Isaac Marion’s novel about an existentially tormented zombie named “R” (Nicholas Hoult) who begins an unlikely friendship with the girlfriend (Teresa Palmer) of one of his victims, starting a chain reaction that has widespread consequences.

Tipton would play Nora, Palmer’s best friend, who struggles with her budding emotions. Franco would play Perry Kelvin, Palmer’s boyfriend, who helps leads the human resistance.

Hardrict is set to play Kevin, one of Palmer’s dorky friends who serves as right-hand man to John Malkovich’s villain character General Grigio. Rob Corddry also stars.

Bruna Papandrea, David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman are producing.