Franco, K-Stew Team On JT LeRoy Film

James Franco is attached and Kristen Stewart and Helena Bonham Carter are in negotiations to join the Justin Kelly-directed author hoax story “JT LeRoy” for LBI Entertainment, Aquarius and Rabbit Bandini Productions.

The behind-the-scenes true story tale will be based on the memoir “Girl Boy Girl” and life rights from Savannah Knoop. Knoop and her sister-in-law Laura Albert were behind an elaborate ruse – the creation of the literary persona Jeremiah ‘Terminator’ LeRoy (J.T. LeRoy), a gay-male-ex-truck-stop-prostitute-turned literary-wunderkind.

For a decade Albert penned the books under the pseudonym and over several years Knoop attended public events as the character, leading to a bizarre double life of the latter pretending to be a transgender author who was embraced by the fashion, film and literary world elite.

Filming aims to begin later this year.

Source: THR