Franco Directs “Blood Meridian,” “Lay Dying”

James Franco is confirmed to be in talks to tackle directing two major projects reports Entertainment Weekly.

Both are adaptations of famed novels – William Faulkner’s 1930 family drama “As I Lay Dying” for Fox Searchlight, and Cormac McCarthy’s 1985 semi-apocalyptic Western “Blood Meridian” for producer Scott Rudin – and both will use scripts that Franco penned himself.

The Faulkner film would come first and could begin shooting as early as this Summer, while “Blood Meridian” would be shot sometime in 2012. Franco just wrapped directing “The Broken Tower”, a biopic of poet Hart Crane.

Franco also shot a test sequence of a scene from ‘Meridian’ with the likes of Mark Pellegrino, Scott Glenn, Luke Perry and his brother Dave Franco starring in it in order to convince Scott Rudin to give him the project. Rudin reportedly loved the scene.