Foxx’s “Sleepless” Trailer & Tyson Biopic Update

With plenty of prestige pictures, high profile “xXx” and “Resident Evil” sequels, and even the what seemed to be a flop “Monster Trucks” getting more traction than expected, one movie that’s almost slipping out unnoticed is Jamie Foxx’s new thriller “Sleepless”.

Set to open this weekend, Foxx stars as an ex Las Vegas cop whose son is kidnapped by dangerous criminals, so he goes on the hunt for them. A new red-band trailer is out which you can see below, while Foxx has been doing a smattering of press for this “Taken”-esque tale as well.

It was during an interview with Screen Rant that the topic of a Mike Tyson biopic came up. Foxx was linked to such a project in 2014 which tentatively had Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter tentatively on board to direct and write.

Since then though there’s been no word on the film. Foxx told the outlet that the film is “a go” with Scorsese still attached. No word when exactly we might see it though.