Foxx On Sinister Six, Tatum As Gambit?

The cast and crew of “White House Down” were in the UK recently doing promotional rounds for the action epic.

Speaking with Total Film, actors Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum gave two quick updates that will get comic fans excited.

First up, Foxx was asked about his villain Electro in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and the talk that the Sinister Six would be a part of either the third or fourth film. Foxx said:

“Yes, they actually talked about it, the Sinister Six. So, fingers crossed, because when you think about it, electricity never dies, it just goes to a different place.”

Meanwhile, Channing Tatum says if he were to suit up to be a superhero, the role he’d want to be is X-Men’s Gambit.

“I would like to play Gambit, Gambit’s my favorite. I’m from New Orleans, around that area… and I can do a Cajun accent. No knocking Taylor Kitsch dawg, I actually like his Gambit. But, I’ve always lived in around cajun people and I would’ve like to see… Gambit was always like the woman loving, cigarette smoking, drinking, he was the punk rock of all superheroes. He was a thief, he kind of rode the line.”