Fox’s Official Take On Four Rumors

Online rumours have been running rampant this past week over Fox’s “Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer,” and a lot of them got shot down today.

Word surfaced earlier this week at AICN that a Seattle test screening took place for the film, and slipped out the factoid that Laurence Fishburne had been cast as the voice of Galactus. This was followed-up yesterday by an AICN report that Galactus will be represented in the form of a storm cloud.

After some back and forth with Fox publicists, they sent along the following exclusive official comment on the whole issue:

“Laurence Fishburne is officially the voice of the Silver Surfer and not the voice of Galactus, as some other fan sites have stated.

There was never a Seattle test screening, period. Finally, moviegoers will have to wait to see Galactus in the movie, but fans definitely won’t be disappointed.”

Outside of the official statement, others have Fox have called around and again cite that “nothing was shown in Seattle or anywhere else.” No comment seems to be made on the Galactus design short of them confirming they won’t go on the record about it – makes sense considering it’s the big finale of the film and they likely want to keep it under wraps until its released.