Fox Won’t Reshoot Racist “Dads” Scenes

Fox has declined a request from the ‘Media Action Network for Asian Americans’ to reshoot “racist” scenes from the pilot episode of its upcoming sitcom “Dads”.

The watchdog group previously asked the network to replace parts of the pilot episode that depicted “racial and sexual stereotypes”.

Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly and COO Joe Earley pleaded with the organization to give the show time to develop.

The show revolves around two successful video game developers (Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi) whose lives are unexpectedly changed when their fathers (Martin Mull, Peter Riegert) move in with them.

The news comes as Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch has been blasted by the media for a tweet yesterday saying “‘Let’s put multiculturalism behind us’. Societies have to integrate. Muslims find it hardest.”

Source: The Live Feed