Fox To Remake Arnie’s “Commando”

With a “Conan” remake in the works, a recent “Terminator” film and another “Predator” sequel on the way – it comes as no real surprise that film studios are looking into the rest of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1980’s filmography for material.

Today they’ve found it with 20th Century Fox announcing that plans are underway to remake 1985 vengeful father classic “Commando”, albeit with a more ‘grounded’ and real-world spin says Deadline New York.

In the original Arnie played John Matrix, a retired special forces Colonel who learns that Bennett, a former disgraced member of his unit is still alive and has been killing off Matrix’s former colleagues.

Bennett, now working for a warlord names Arius, kidnaps Matrix’s daughter as leverage to get him to lead Arius’ military coup of Val Verde. Matrix soon goes on a one-man rampage to rescue his daughter and essentially kills Arius’ entire private army along the way. In fact Arnie’s kill count for the film is said to stand at around 100, most of which is during the three-minute raid sequence on Arius’ mansion.

The film was one of Arnie’s first to blend humour in with the action which soon became a Schwarzenegger trademark. It’s also deliciously over the top and politically incorrect in that very eighties way – the villain is a moustached Australian who wears sleeveless leather, a chainmail vest and a dog choke chain for a necklace.

“Street Kings” and “Harsh Times” filmmaker David Ayer will pen and direct the new version with a protagonist who “will be less brawny, but more skilled in covert tactics and weaponry”. Erwin Stoff and John Davis are set to produce.