FOX Teases New “Orville,” “Gifted” & More

Fox Teases New Orville Gifted More

FOX held several panels at San Diego Comic-Con this year teasing the new seasons of their various series, most notably Seth MacFarlane’s space opera “The Orville” and the X-Men spin-off series “The Gifted” along with regular perennials like “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy” and the return of “Cosmos”.

Talking about the new season of “The Orville,” executive producer Brannon Braga teased how the new season’s storytelling will differ from the first: “The storytelling is even more assertive and bold and there‚Äôs some daring stuff that happens.”

Reflecting on the first season, MacFarlane said: “This show was a tonal experiment of sorts… different stories call for different tones. We were trying something kind of difficult but the pleasant surprise for me was the fans and the viewers were willing to let us tell a story.” The new season, which is said to consist of at least fourteen episodes, premieres December 30th.

In regards to “The Gifted,” which returns September 25th, it was confirmed the comic book mutants The Morlocks will appear in the new season which picks up after the explosion of the Atlanta Station. The action this season mostly moves to just outside of Washington D.C.

As for the other series, each of these got new trailers which you can also see below: