Fox Taking A $60M Write-Off On “Fantastic 4” ?

In the wake of a high-profile studio failure, there’s often reports that said studio is taking a write-down on the film. Some are small like the $13.5 million Dreamworks Animation lost on “Turbo,” some are huge like the $200 million Disney lost with “John Carter”. Others are in between including “The Lone Ranger,” “47 Ronin” and various Dreamworks Animation films.

Today, THR reports that according to analysts it seems that more than a $60 million write-off is looking in store for the failure of Fox’s “Fantastic Four” reboot which scored just $26 million domestically its opening weekend. The film cost a reported $120 million to produce and made around $59 million worldwide on opening weekend.

Meanwhile some interesting behind-the-scenes material has been popping up online in the last day or two showcasing scenes from both the trailer and the set which did not make it into the final film. This includes a B-roll reel in which a crude version of the Fantasticar made it into the film and may even have made it to Planet Zero. Check out that clip below: