Fox Still Owns The Original “Star Wars”

Ready for the first wrinkle in the Disney-Lucasfilm deal?

While Disney will own and release future films in the “Star Wars” series, the deal does NOT include the distribution rights to the pre-existing “Star Wars” films.

Those rights remain with 20th Century Fox. In fact, Fox owns distribution rights to the original 1977 “Star Wars” film in perpetuity in all media worldwide.

It also has theatrical, nontheatrical and home video rights worldwide to the other five films in the series through May 2020.

This means Disney can’t issue a ‘complete saga’ set unless a deal with Fox is made. It also means fan hopes for quality Blu-ray editions of the theatrical cuts of the original trilogy are highly unlikely.

Fox also plans to still re-release the 3D versions of “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” next Fall.

Source: THR