Fox Replaces Jolie As Lara Croft?

Video game to film conversions have never proven effective, with the lackluster “Tomb Raider” films generally considered the best of the bunch. Yet when your competition is the likes of the “Resident Evil” or “Mortal Kombat” franchises – it’s hardly a compliment.

Now comes word from Spanish news site Europa Press that the film’s producers are considering taking the one thing that worked about those films – Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft – and replace her with “Transformers” babe Megan Fox.

Fox certainly would fit the shorts well, but as many can attest that isn’t the Achilles Heel of the series, rather the lack of anything approaching a decent script and director. Given the proper pedigree it might be possible to ‘reboot’ the series in the same way James Bond and Batman successfully shook off the shackles of campy escapist trash that those franchises descended to at different points in the past.

The article also cites a production schedule of 2010 for release in the Summer of 2011.