Fox Plans “Wolverine” Shoot In Sydney

Wolverine is going back to Australia. 20th Century Fox will shoot the James Mangold-directed “The Wolverine” in Hugh Jackman’s hometown of Sydney reports The Daily Telegraph.

The deal is estimated to be worth $80 million to the New South Wales economy and will generate more than 720 crew jobs along with opportunities for 1200 extras later this year.

“The Wolverine” was scheduled to shoot in Japan last year but the devastation from the tsunami pushed the entire production back. Also originally attached director Darren Aronofsky departed the project for personal reasons.

The production will make heavy use of Fox Studios, the same place where 2009’s heavily-panned prequel “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” was shot. “The Wolverine” will essentially be a stand alone film however – no connection or characters from last year’s acclaimed “X-Men: First Class” or the previous “X-Men” trilogy.