FOX Planning To Shorten Its Series Runs

Fox Planning To Shorten Its Series Runs

The FOX network is reportedly shifting its programming strategy around, the big change being an increasing push towards shows with shorter runs rather than the traditional twenty-two episodes of a broadcast series.

While FOX is still in the business of ordering programs for traditional longer runs when it’s justified, going forward it’s really aiming to beef up its number of shorter-run shows with those series likely to be a combination of well-known IP, period pieces about famous figures, or genre shows with a bunch of world-building.

Fox Entertainment has ordered three such shows to run before the year’s out – “90210” and “A Moody Christmas” which are both six episodes each and “What Just Happened??! With Fred Savage” which is nine episodes. Manny Coto’s new drama series “Next” will also consist of only ten episodes.

Shorter-run shows are atypical on broadcast but are the norm on cable and streaming platforms who have been having great success with them.

Source: Variety