Fox Planning “Jack Irish” Series Remake

Last year U.S. television network FOX produced and then quickly cancelled “Rake,” a toothless and weakly received version of the well-regarded and darkly humoured Australian legal comedy of the same name from local broadcaster ABC TV.

That isn’t stopping FOX from trying again with another show from the same Australian broadcaster, this time they’re planning a crime drama series based on the telemovie series “Jack Irish” which starred Guy Pearce.

Based on the detective novels by Peter Temple, two TV movies were produced in 2012 and one in 2014 that starred Pearce as a former criminal lawyer turned private investigator and debt collector.

Getting his life back together after the murder of his wife, he usually finds himself landing cases by being in the wrong place at the wrong time – cases involving high-level corruption, dark sexual secrets, and murder.

Seamus Kevin Fahey (The Following”) is penning the script for the remake which 20th Century Fox TV and Chernin Entertainment will produce. Anna Fricke (“Being Human”) will serve as showrunner on the project which has received a script commitment with penalty from the network.

Source: Deadline