Fox Planning Big Oscars Push For “Apes”

With the exception of “Dunkirk” and “Call Me By Your Name,” the season’s serious awards contenders have yet to really appear. However, there’s one film that is very much planning to be around come voting time – Matt Reeves’ “War for the Planet of the Apes”.

Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox will be launching a major awards campaign effort to land nominations. In fact, it is said to be “like no campaign ever before in the half-century since the studio has been producing these movies”.

This year they will be hoping to land a nomination or award from a critics group or even SAG to get things rolling. The best chance is trying to land a nomination for Andy Serkis’ work as Caesar the Ape.

Fox is also said to be targeting several crafts categories (production design, cinematography, costumes, music, sound, visual effects, makeup, etc.) along with directing and writing in the hopes of building momentum for a possible ‘Best Picture’ nomination.