Fox Planning A “Fatal Attaction” TV Series

The recent trend of dusting off old 1980s and 1990s movies and reinventing them into contemporary TV series continues today with news that FOX is developing a small screen series remake of the 1987 thriller classic “Fatal Attraction”.

Though being considered as a short-order ‘event’ series, the project is being assembled with the potential to continue on with a second season. “Mad Men” alums Maria and Andre Jacquemetton will pen the script and executive produce alongside Stanley R. Jaffe and Rosalie Swedlin.

Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer starred in the original Oscar nominated film in which a married man’s indiscretion comes back to haunt him. It became a smash hit at the time, the highest grosser of the year with $320 million from a budget of just $14 million, and spawned endless discussion about the consequences of infidelity.

Source: The Live Feed