FOX & Disney Deal Could Still Happen

Earlier this week came the news that Disney and Fox had been in talks for weeks about the Mouse House potentially buying Fox’s movie and much of its TV assets. Within hours came follow-up reports indicating that though yes there had been talks, they were definitely over and it looked like nothing came of it.

Today comes word from CNBC, who broke the initial report, that the companies have not given up on the idea of combining movie and television production operations and that “pencils aren’t down” yet in terms of the deal taking place.

Though the two companies have not been engaged in further conversations: “it does appear at the very least that they have not abandoned the idea of that combination.” Shares of both companies rose in early trading.

Fox is reportedly still looking to narrow its focus to its most profitable areas, news and sports, but the sale of its film and TV assets would be worth a pretty penny with analysts estimating the deal could cost Disney a cool $20-30 billion.