Fox Developing A “Mega Man” Movie”?

20th Century Fox and “Apes” franchise producer Chernin Entertainment are reportedly teaming for a film adaptation of the “Mega Man” video game series which has sold over thirty million copies.

The Tracking Board had the news and says development on the project has begun in earnest with Peter Chernin producing and David Ready and Michael Finfer overseeing the production.

In the mythology, the benevolent Dr. Light creates the android assistant, but finds himself betrayed by the evil Dr. Wily who steals the designs in an effort to build a robot army for world domination. Dr. Light upgrades his android to take on Wily and his robotic minions.

Around 130 video games have been produced about Capcom’s iconic blue robot character and his allies since 1987. The character has an expansive mythology that crosses not just games but books, novels, cartoons and comics over the years.