FOX Delays “Luther” U.S. Remake Plans

FOX has opted to postpone development of its U.S. remake of the acclaimed British detective series “Luther”, pushing the cast-contingent drama out of the current pilot season.

The network originally picked up the drama in November, handing out a rich put-pilot commitment at the time. In January that was upgraded to a cast-contingent pilot pickup.

However the show has struggled to find a suitable leading man to match the quality of original BBC series star Idris Elba, though Fox was said to be briefly out to Marlon Wayans for the role.

Diverse leads have also reportedly been in high demand this pilot season, so the network is opting to wait until the busy ‘pilot season’ is over before resuming its search.

The show’s creator Neil Cross is also executive producing the U.S. version alongside Elba, Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope, Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner.

Source: The Live Feed