Fox, DC Plan A “Lucifer” TV Series

Ahead of the series premiere of “Gotham” next week, Fox has given a put pilot commitment to another DC Comics adaptation from Warner Bros. TV.

Tom Kapinos (“Californication”) will executive produce “Lucifer,” based on the character who started off as a supporting player in Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” comics before top lining his own spinoff at DC Vertigo.

In the “Sandman” comics, which takes much of its influence of Hell from Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” the beautiful fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar grows tired of ruling Hell and gives up the throne to live out eternity on a beach in Western Australia.

The TV series will take its premise from the solo “Lucifer” spin-off comic series in which the fallen angel has now moved to the United States and is now running an exclusive piano bar called Lux in Los Angeles.

Source: Deadline