Fox Dates Two Marvel Films, Pulls “Gambit”

In the wake of the success of “Deadpool,” 20th Century Fox has shifted around the release dates for its Marvel comic adaptations.

First up, and not unexpectedly, Doug Liman’s “Gambit” has been pulled from the schedule. Channing Tatum and Lea Seydoux lead the cast of the adaptation which was previously slated to open October 7th. With filming having not yet begun on the project, the delay was inevitable and a new date sometime in 2017 will likely be set down the track.

The studio has also announced release dates for two currently untitled Marvel films – October 6th 2017 and January 12th 2018. At least one of them is likely to be either the “Deadpool” sequel and/or an “X-Force” film which are both rumored to be in the works.

Source: 20th Century Fox