FOX Could Drastically Reduce Commericals

Slow to evolve traditional broadcast media networks are on the wain in the age of streaming and premium cable, but that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t willing to try new things to win people back.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Joe Marchese, the ad sales chief of Fox Networks Group, announced this week at a private industry event that the network is hoping to switch things up in a significant way: by cutting its ad time down to two minutes per hour by the year 2020.

Nielsen, the company that’s largely responsible for measuring television ratings in the United States, says on broadcast TV the average amount of ad time per hour is just over 13 minutes, and on cable it’s 16 minutes.

The ditching of ad space means Fox Networks Group would likely charge a lot more money for the scarce inventory it has left, and probably employ something more akin to Hulu – briefer ads in a few short bursts.