Fox Commits To HDR & Ultra HD Films

20th Century Fox has committed to make versions of all of its new movies in Ultra HD (UHD) with high dynamic range (HDR) for home entertainment. Recent releases like “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “The Maze Runner” will also score HDR UHD versions.

High dynamic range improves the color and contrast range of filmed footage and is considered the key feature to create a noticeable picture advancement for viewers, with the results said to be more discernible and effective than resolution increases such as a 1080p to 4K resolution jump.

To so this though, an “agreed-upon, consistent and inter-operable HDR quality specification” is required for home entertainment in order to avoid a potential format war. The aim is to have one in place to coincide with the release later this year of Ultra HD Blu-Rays with HDR support.

Hollywood is also eyeing HDR for cinema – from the IMAX laser projection system which has HDR support, to the Dolby Vision HDR format which begins rolling out in a handful of cinemas this week with Disney’s “Tomorrowland”.

Source: THR