Fox Chief Talks “Fantastic Four,” “X-Men” Directors

With “X-Men: Days of Future Past” rolling past $700 million worldwide (the entire film series crossing the $3 billion mark at the same time) and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” on the horizon, it has been a good summer for 20th Century Fox.

The studio’s President of Production Emma Watts has just spoken with THR about their plans for further Marvel Comics adaptations, specifically the “Fantastic Four” reboot due next year and “X-Men: Apocalypse” the year after that.

The hiring of “Chronicle” director Josh Trank for “Fantastic Four” brought with it certain questions, one of them being whether that film’s found footage approach to the superhero genre would be employed for ‘Fantastic’ as well. Watts confirms it:

“It’s Josh, so it can’t not have that feel. That’s his talent, that’s what he does, and that’s what excites him about it. It is a really interesting young cast, and he is the magnet that’s brought them all together.”

She adds that going forward with superhero films, it’s getting the right director in place and letting them work that’s the key to keeping the genre fresh:

“We’re making a big bet for 2015 with The Fantastic Four and director Josh Trank. To me, the key is the originality of the filmmakers and the choices they make. Josh is another really interesting example, who is using the vision he gave us in Chronicle to reinvent a franchise he’s loved his whole life. It’s not that you can’t make original ideas — you can, and we did it with Chronicle. The director is the key to not letting superhero movies go stale. That’s the truth.”

Watts also spoke about “X-Men: Apocalypse” and says that the studio has every intent on Bryan Singer returning to the director’s chair for the ‘Future Past’ follow-up:

“Right now we are totally at the outlining phase. But nothing would make me happier than if it all worked out. It’s always been the intention for him to do it.”