Fox Cancels “Terra Nova”

Looks like the Sixers won after all, and we the audience won’t get to see the Badlands.

EW reports that Fox has cancelled its sci-fi dinosaur drama “Terra Nova” after one season, ending months of speculation.

The high cost of the series, various production problems, numerous delays, mixed reviews, mediocre ratings and rumours of an internal lack of support within the network have apparently all combined to lead to this outcome.

With the cancellation of “House” after this season and the underperformance of new shows like “Alcatraz” and “The Finder” in recent weeks, it was thought ‘Nova’ might have had the chance of scoring a renewal. That didn’t happen.

Yet while the Fox network will no longer run the series, the show’s producer 20th Century Fox TV are hoping to shop it around to other networks. The chances of another network biting however are quite slim.

A while back three Fox shows looked to be on the bubble – “House,” “Terra Nova” and “Fringe”. With the first two now gone, will “Fringe” survive another year or only a few more episodes?