Fox, ABC and ESPN Coming To Hulu

Fox, ABC and ESPN will all be offered as a part of Hulu’s new skinny bundle service which will launch next year. 21st Century Fox and Disney have come to deals with Hulu which will see the streamer’s live television service add channels from both companies to its programming lineup.

This will include FOX, ABC, Fox News, Disney Channel, Freeform and Fox Sports channels Combined, the deals represent the addition of more than 35 channels to the Hulu service which will be available for subscribers alongside its current subscription for next-day TV and original series.

Fox, Disney and NBCUniversal each own a third of Hulu and NBCU is said to also be in talks to bring its programming to the live TV offering. Hulu has yet to announced specifics around its new live streaming service, including how much it will charge for the skinny bundle of channels.

Source: THR