Fourth Who Series Begins Shooting

Shooting has begun on the fourth season of “Doctor Who” with Catherine Tate reprising her role as Donna, the runaway bride who’ll serve as this year’s main companion.

The first episode sees Donna tracking down the Time Lord during an alien emergency in modern-day London. The second episode has the pair having an encounter with legendary murder mystery novelist Agatha Christie (Fenella Woolgar).

The Ood, the strange slave-race aliens from the “Impossible Planet/Satan Pit” two-parter during the second season, will return in an episode entitled “Planet of The Ood.”

Felicity Kendal and Tim McInnerny will also guest star sometime in the season.

One bit of bad news. A fire over the weekend at the Cinecitta Studios in Italy has put a spanner in the works. An episode later in the season is to be set in Ancient Rome and would’ve used some of the sets leftover by HBO’s “Rome” production. Producers claim that whilst the fire did damage some of the sets, much of the crucial ones remain intact and filming will still go ahead next month once the fire damage has been cleared up.

Finally one bit of talk from The Sun indicates that David Tennant is likely to be playing the title role in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s new version of “Hamlet” on stage – and if so, he’ll be leaving the series before the end of the season. As we know Producer Russell Davies will leave at the end of this season, and thus talk of Tennant’s departure isn’t entirely out of question.