Fourth “Rush Hour,” “Hills Cop” Updates

With the “Rush Hour” franchise being rebooted on the small screen this Fall with a new TV series for CBS, does that mean we will never see a “Rush Hour 4” on the big screen with original stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker?

Series director Brett Ratner was asked about that this week at the TCA Summer tour, and he tells Slashfilm that it does not prevent the possibility at all: “No, not at all. It has nothing to do with it. We’re always talking about it. We’ve just got to find the time between Chris Tucker, myself and Jackie.”

Rather was also asked about the fourth “Beverly Hills Cop” which he is still attached to direct. Renter says the project is still undergoing re-writes: “Working on the script, working on the script. It’s a longer process. It’s not easy. A lot of pressure on that one.”