Four More Villains In “Batman v Superman”?

We already know about several of the heroes, now comes word that four nasty characters from the DC universe may also be making an appearance in Zack Snyder’s upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”.

Latino Review reports that despite rumors, neither Metallo or The Joker will be appearing in the film. Instead the three secondary villains making an appearance are Victor Zsasz, Morgan Edge and David Cain.

According to their sources, the serial killer Zsasz will fight with Affleck’s Batman in an early Gotham City-set scene. Edge will be the slimy public relations head of Lexcorp who goes toe to toe with Lois Lane on a TV talk show. Cain will meet with Luthor’s bodyguard Mercy to set up an assassination.

There’s also a fourth baddie popping up, one yet to be cast – Amanda Waller. In this she’s a stern, intimidating senator who sees Superman as a threat and comes up with a counter measure to stop him. The site also suggests it’s likely Callan Mulvey’s role will be that of Zsasz while Scoot McNairy could well be playing Edge.