Four More “Transformers” Sequels Coming

Earlier this year, a dream team of writers assembled to plan out the future of the “Transformers” franchise. Up until now, only two projects seemed to be officially announced as a result of that collaboration – a fifth main film in the series, and an animated spinoff that revolves around the Transformer home world of Cybertron.

This weekend though, Hasbro has confirmed that three additional direct sequels are already planned and will carry the franchise well into the 2020s. Appearing at the MIP Junior Conference, Hasbro’s Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer Stephen J. Davis spoke about where the franchise is headed in the wake of that ‘Transformers’ brains trust collaboration:

“They plotted out the next ten years of Transformers. Similarly we are doing the same in television and digital. So stay tuned Transformers 5 is on its way. …And 6 and 7 and 8.”

Filming on “Transformers 5” kicks off June 2016 from a script by Akiva Goldsman, it’s expected Michael Bay will return to direct but is not yet confirmed. That film will get a Summer 2017 release, and then be followed by the animated spin-off which is tentatively titled “Transformers One”.

On the TV side, he confirmed the upcoming “Transformers: Robots In Disguise” will be a direct continuation of “Transformers: Prime” but with adjustments based on feedback.

Source: TFW2005