Four More To Join “Arrow” Season 3


With so much of the supporting cast either having died or seemingly left throughout last season, The CW’s almost starting afresh with the upcoming third season of their acclaimed DC vigilante drama “Arrow”.

TV Line reports that the series is currently looking to cast four new characters – two to feature in present-day Starling City named Daniel and Seth, and two named Toshi and Akiko who will feature in Oliver’s flashbacks.

Daniel is a high-profile young tech entrepreneur with a tragic past that is the catalyst for him becoming a tech-powered superhero. He’s also a love interest for Felicity.

Seth is a recurring character, an educated criminal who develops a drug that drains the willpower of his enemies. Toshi and Akiko are a married couple and skilled operatives who become Oliver’s handlers in Hong Kong and become Oliver’s friend and teacher.

The third season of “Arrow” premieres in the fall.