Four More “Iron Fist” Characters Revealed?

It was the outlet that broke the news that Finn Jones had been cast as Danny Rand in Marvel and Netflix’s “Iron Fist”. Now, MCU Exchange has apparently scored some more information about the new series.

With the help of audition videos and new character breakdowns, the site claims to have figured out the names of four of the key supporting characters in the series. They are:

Coleen Wing (aka. Lady Samurai): A former hero for hire.
Davos The Steel Serpent: a former Iron Fist and regular foe of Rand’s.
Joy Meachum: The CEO of Rand Meachum, INC.
Ward Meachum: Joy’s ruthless Uncle.

We’ll likely get our first look at Jones in the role in the final episode of Netflix’s “Luke Cage”. That series is expected to be released later this year.