Foster Plays Infamous Hitler Filmmaker

Jodie Foster is set to play Leni Riefenstahl in a controversial project about Adolf Hitler’s favourite film director reports The Guardian.

Riefenstahl, a dancer and silent film star, moved into directing and captured the attention of Hitler at a 1932 Nazi rally. Riefenstahl’s films becoming a part of the Nazi war propaganda, most notably 1934’s documentary “Triumph of the Will” glorifying Hitler and the Nuremberg rallies.

Despite being banned in certain places, ‘Will’ used ground-breaking photographic techniques and innovative editing to result in what’s considered one of the “most brilliant pieces of propaganda ever made” which gave the regime a mythic quality.

Riefenstahl was said to have used slave labour from concentration camps on her films, a claim she denied until her death in 2003. Producers on the new film claim they will “not whitewash any aspect of Riefenstahl’s past.”

This film project has been in development for years and finally seems to be back on track with British writer Rupert Walters currently penning the script, a director to be locked by Summer’s end and shooting to begin late next year.

Riefenstahl commented once on the idea of Foster playing her, an idea she disliked as “Foster would not allow her to refuse any of the film”. Her choice to play her? Sharon Stone.