Forster Talks Future Of Bond Films

He took James Bond way too far into generic Jason Bourne-shot/Steven Seagal-plotted territory with the decidedly disappointing but nevertheless profitable “Quantum of Solace”. So, it came as a major relief when director Marc Forster turned down the chance to direct the upcoming 23rd installment.

Foster though, much like Daniel Craig in post-release interviews, seems to have come to same conclusion about the 007 franchise’s future – namely it needs to re-introduce the humor and edge that most of the old films and “Casino Royale” did so well, but was so painfully missing from ‘Solace’.

“For me, I wanted to take it to a harder and darker place, but now that that journey I’ve gone on has succeeded, I feel like the next one can take it to a bit more humorous place again. I feel like next time you should take it in a lighter and more humorous way, maybe add a few more girls and a bit more sex – all that kind of stuff. I think that would be interesting” the helmer told MTV News.

Forster is presently at work on his adaptation of Max Brooks’ zombie apocalypse novel “World War Z”.