Forster Replaces Ontkean In “Twin Peaks”

It looks like one key actor from the original “Twin Peaks” series will not be returning for the follow-up in Showtime.

TV Line reports that Michael Ontkean has opted not to reprise his beloved role of Sheriff Harry S. Truman in the limited-run revival. A source close to the actor says: “Michael is fully retired from show business, and has been for many years.”

On top of that, the site also says that veteran actor Robert Forster has stepped in to replace Ontkean as the town’s sheriff, though it’s unclear if he’ll play Truman or a new character. Rumor was Lynch originally eyed Forster for the role of Sheriff Truman during the show’s inaugral run.

Forester joins other newcomers to the franchise with Peter Sarsgaard, Robert Knepper, Balthazar Getty and Amanda Seyfried also expected to join the project which will sport over a dozen episodes all helmed by Lynch himself.