Forrest’s Memoir “Voice” Becomes Film

Ruby Films (“Jane Eyre,” “Tamara Drewe”) has optioned the film rights to Los Angeles-based scribe Emma Forrest’s upcoming memoir “Your Voice In My Head” reports Deadline.

The book accounts Forrest’s attempted suicide at the age of 22 before she was saved by a New York-based psychiatrist who was secretly dying of cancer.

There’s another wrinkle though – actor Colin Farrell is Forrest’s ex-lover and they were together when she was writing it. He is never named in the book, referred to only as “GH” (Gypsy Husband), and he declined to read it before publication.

Forrest also penned “Liars (A-E)” about Farrell and other actor boyfriends in the story of a woman travels across America to the Obama inauguration and stops off along the way asking old boyfriends why they broke up with her. Miramax picked up the script and now producer Scott Rudin apparently wants it back.