Forger, “Shack,” “Sheltered” Score Directors

The Forger
Tolga Ornek (“Labyrinth”) is set to direct the recently acquired Alex Allrich spec script thriller “The Forger” for Fox International. The project may actually be filmed entirely in Turkish.

The story follows an ex-CIA forger now living in Istanbul whose former handler turns up dead and a female Iranian intelligence agent seeks his help to defect to the West. He soon learns there is more to her than he initially realized. [Source: Deadline]

The Shack
Forest Whitaker is in negotiations to direct and take a supporting role in a film adaptation of William Paul Young’s novel “The Shack” for Summit Entertainment.

Following a personal tragedy, a man receives a mysterious note in his mailbox inviting him to The Shack. He responds and finds himself in the presence of God, and a life-transforming journey of truth and acceptance. [Source: Deadline]

Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (“Apollo 18”) is set to helm the horror tale “Sanctuary” for Atlas Independent. The story follows three documentarians who travel to South America to investigate a town that mysteriously disappeared from the map.

The trio is led to the ultimate enigma: an immense concrete structure located in the middle of the missing town, with no entrances or exits. [Source: Deadline]

Alexandre Moors (“Blue Caprice”) has been set to direct a remake of 2001 Korean film “Failan”. Jose Rivera (“The Motorcycle Diaries,” “Letters to Juliet”) penned the script based on Jiro Asada’s novel “Love Letter”.

The story follows a young Russian woman who flees to America, but finds herself caught in a human trafficking operation. Arriving in New York through an arranged marriage with a gangster, she dies before ever meeting him and he gets to know her tragic story through the letters she wrote him. [Source: THR]

Jesse Peyronel (“Siren”) is set to direct the pre-apocalyptic graphic novel thriller “Sheltered” for Circle of Confusion. Peyronel is also adapting the script with filming to begin late 2014.

The story is set in a Pacific Northwest survivalist compound where the residents believe an imminent volcanic eruption is about to make the U.S. uninhabitable for years. A charming sociopathic teenager soon leads an insurrection with the help of the various kids in the compound. [Source: Heat Vision]