Force Awakens Trailer 3 Nabs Viewing Record

Move over Vin Diesel, it looks like “Star Wars” has taken the crown.

The official Star Wars site reports that this week’s third trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was viewed more than 112 million times online in a 24 hour period. Combine that with the 16 million viewers that tuned in to see the trailer during Monday Night Football, the total comes to 128 million views.

This marks a new record for the most views of a trailer in 24 hours, beating the previous record held by both the second trailer for ‘Force Awakens’ (88 million views) and the first trailer for this past Summer’s “Furious 7” (around 100 million views).

The stats news comes as two variations of the trailer have gone online that are worth a look. The first is a ‘Force Awakens’ supercut which assembles all the footage from the three trailers so far into one near four-minute piece. There’s some clunkiness with the music changes of course but overall it’s a pretty smoothly done bit of work:

The second is “Star Wars: The Binks Awakens” which is a parody with Jar Jar Binks (amongst other prequel stars) playing multiple roles and ruining shots with their presence.