Force Awakens To Pass “Avatar” Next Week

J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is poised to pull in $35 million on the Friday of its third weekend. This is significant because it brings the film’s total domestic box-office haul to $687 million.

That pushes it past both “Titanic” ($658.7 million) and “Jurassic World” ($652.3 million) to become the second highest domestic grossing film of all time. Even more exciting is it looks like James Cameron’s “Avatar,” with its all-time domestic record of $760.5 million, will be overtaken within the week.

‘Force Awakens’ is heading towards a $93 million third weekend, that would put it shy of “Avatar” by around $16 million by the end of Sunday. Should it continue at its current pace, it will pass “Avatar” in the first half of next week and continue onwards towards the $1 billion mark.

Sadly one record it couldn’t quite manage is to be the highest 2015 domestic grosser within that calendar year. When all of the U.S. officially entered 2016, ‘Force Awakens’ finished its run with $652 million – just $271,000 shy of the near six-month total haul that “Jurassic World” managed.

Overseas the film also has some way to go. The international haul stands at $679 million and the global haul thus far sits at $1.33 billion. “Avatar” made $2 billion overseas and $2.79 billion globally. ‘Force’ is open in most markets and though it has yet to hit China, that’s a market that isn’t known to be a big one for “Star Wars”. Can it make it? It’ll be a few more weeks before we know.

Source: Deadline