Force Awakens Surpasses “Jurassic” Record

With final numbers in, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has managed to overtake “Jurassic World” to score a record global launch of $528 million – beating out the $524 million that the dino sequel took in at launch this Summer.

The revised estimate – up from the $517 million suggested yesterday – is due mostly to the domestic opening weekend total being higher than anticipated – revised to a whopping $247 million.

This is particularly impressive as that the figure was achieved without the help of China, the world’s second biggest market for film. In comparison “Jurassic World” made more than $90 million from China during its opening weekend.

‘Force Awakens’ debuted on over 30,000 screens internationally, scoring first place finishes in every major market where it debuted with the exception of Korea and Vietnam.

Source: Variety