Force Awakens Infinity Reveals, Runtime?

It looks like J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” might run a little longer than expected as a new programming listing on the UK site Following The Nerd (via Collider) suggests that the current runtime will be 136 minutes, and will have an English rating of 12A. That’s around the same runtime as ‘The Phantom Menace’ which clocked in at 133 minutes.

Meanwhile Disney will be adding “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” characters to their “Disney Infinity 3.0” game. Finn, Rey, Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren will be a part of the ‘Force Awakens’ playset and “will be the only game where fans of all ages will be able to experience key moments from the film” according to a press release.

Dameron and Ren are only playable with purchase of separate figures, the other two (Finn & Rey) come with the standard playset which will be released the same day as the film – December 18th.

Before that hits we’re getting the “Star Wars Battlefront” game which hits stores on November 17th. The beta for that game has been taking place over the past few days which has resulted in some amusing gameplay videos, like the one below. DICE have announced that they’re extending the beta which will now run for one more day and will now finish off tomorrow instead of today.