Force Awakens End Location Featurette

One of the most famous shooting locations for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ultimately didn’t play much of a role in the final film, that of the historic Skellig Michael island off the coast of Ireland.

Of course the location, dubbed Ahch-To in the ‘Force Awakens’ script, will play a significant part in subsequent films in the series – most notably Rian Johnson’s upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VIII” which has already shot some footage there.

Making Star Wars reported the other week that a facsimile of the location has already been built at Pinewood in the UK for integration with actual footage conducted on location. Those worried about green screen need not be as many of the Jakku scenes in ‘Force Awakens’ had the exact same treatment and came out fine.

Today, a new feturette about the location shoot has been posted which you can see below: